About Sac-Made

We believe in supporting local makers and manufacturers.

We do this in the following ways:


We provide a brand campaign to promote the strength, diversity and ingenuity of the Sacramento maker and manufacturing community. This campaign includes digital assets that can be shared across the web including logos, taglines, hashtags, vision and mission statements, and physical materials such as postcards, info-brochures, and swag.


We provide the SacMade.com website including a public-access directory of all participating makers and manufacturers. This website helps consumers identify and purchase products from Sacramento makers. It helps makers and manufacturers spread awareness of their products to assist with sales and partnerships.


We provide a dataset on the Sacramento maker and manufacturing economy. This dataset provides a baseline report of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the maker economy including: number of makers, types of products, revenue generated, jobs created, challenges, and aspirations.

What is the project timeline?

Fall 2018 - Brand launch, collecting applications and survey data
December 2018 - Hosting Maker Mart event
February 2019 - Publish Sacmade Report - “State of the Sacramento Maker Economy”
2019 and beyond - Launching website directory, launching additional products to support the growth of local makers and manufacturers.

What types of makers is this for?

We aim to provide support for a comprehensive array of makers and manufacturers in the region. Examples include: food and beverage, IT equipment, apparel and sewn products, cosmetics, soaps and perfumes, furniture and fixtures, medical devices and equipment, tobacco and marijuana products.

How do I get involved?

SacMade's criteria for joining are: